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Fertilizer Import / Export Statistics from SARS

At Fertasa we do our own analysis of import and export data received from SARS and make it available to our members only. There are a multitude of graphs available, such as:

Import/Export Volumes by Month


Cumulative Import/Export Volumes


Countries of Origin


Products Imported


These are just a few of the interactive reports. Where applicable, the graphs also filter between tariff codes 28 and 31, and all reports can be filtered by date range, historically from 2014.

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BASOS/FACTS Course Interactive Portal

BASOS/FACTS students are required to use the interactive portal for a number of functions:

Linking to a Company


Exam Registration and Re-registration


Access Course Material and Track Marks


There are a number of other functions available as well, and we strive to add more interactivity in the near future. Students are reminded periodically to register for the exams, and marks are sent automatically once available.

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Fertilizer Product Registrations

Do your applications for product registrations with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries online through our new portal. We offer a step-by-step electronic process to guide you through your registration and highlight shortcomings:

Product Registration Overview


Step-by-step Process Guide


Assistance with Product Formulation


Constituent Product Formulation


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Product Registration module.



Fertilizer Handbook - Online Version

We now have our popular Fertilizer Handbook available as an online version, although only in English for the time being. It has primarily been written for the use of persons who are involved in some way or another in a fertilizer advisory capacity. It is not intended to be a complete technical handbook, but rather a concise presentation covering a wide range of topics. For this reason, interested farmers and students will also find it to be a useful guide. It is prescribed as part of the agricultural curriculum at some Technikons and Universities in South Africa.





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Fertilizer Handbook (English).